Coastal Leafy Greenhood (Bunochilus littoralis)

Flowers in Winter (Jun - Sep), favours dense coastal scrub on stabilised sand dunes.

Flowers pale green, small with brownish sepal tips.  Highly localised.  Labellum pale green, petals have basal flanges.  The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 6 inches (15.5cm).

All known pollinators of the Genus Bunochilus have been male insects of the fungus gnat and mosquito family.

Tiny Helmet Orchid (Corysanthes despectans - formerly Corybas despectans)

Flowers in Winter (Jun - Sep), shrubby forest, coastal scrubs on stabilised sand dues.

Flower is very tiny with a narrow dorsal sepal.  It has a few short teeth on labellum.  Can form large colonies.  The photo ruler gives an indication of size with the width of the leaf being about 1/4 inch (.6cm).

This tiny orchid is self-pollinating.

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