McIvor Spider Orchid (Arachnorchis audasii - formerly Caladenia audasii)

Flowers in Spring (Sep - Oct) - favours open woodland with sparse understorey in well-drained soil.

The largish flower is pale creamy yellow.  The petals and sepals have thin tails.  The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 9 inches (23cm).  The marginal teeth on the labellum are usually absent.

Pollination of the Arachnorchis species has been studied very little but it is thought that spider orchids are generally pollinated by pseudocopulation (male thynnid wasp).

Banded Helmet Orchid (Anzybas fordhamii - formerly Corybas fordhamii)

Flowers in Winter/Spring (Jul - Oct), favours moist to wet swamps, often with Melaleuca squarrosa.

This tiny helmet orchid flowers more frequently after a summer fire. The photo ruler gives an indication of size with the height being less than 1/2 inch (1cm).

Little is known about pollinators but there is some evidence that fungus gnats are pollen vectors.

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