Bearded Midge Orchid (Corunastylis morrisii - formerly Genoplesium morrisii)

Flowers in Autumn (Mar - May), favours heathland, low woodland and forest, often in sandy soil.

The flower is about 8mm across, unscented and appears untidy when in full flower.  The flowering time is often triggered by summer rain. 

These are poorly studied when it comes to pollination but some of the genus are known to attract small flies.

Tall Greenhood (Bunochilus melagrammus - formerly Pterostylis melagramma)

Flowers in Winter/Spring (Jul - Oct), favours sclerophyl forest and woodland, often in sandy soil.

The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 20 inches (51cm).  The flower is approx. 1.5cm high X 1.5cm wide. 

All known pollinators of the Genus Bunochilus have been male insects of the fungus gnat and mosquito family.

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