Common Bird Orchid (Chiloglottis valida)

Flowers in Spring/Summer (Sep - Jan), favours moist slopes and gullies in sub-alpine forests

Two ground hugging leaves, flower resembles a small bird with its beak open waiting to be fed.  Colours vary from a greenish to purplish in a flowering colony.  The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 1.2 inches (3cm).

Pollination is by pseudo-copulation, agents being male wasps.  Each species has its own unique pollinator species.

Leopard Orchid (Diuris pardina)

Flowers in Spring (Jul - Nov), favours grassy-heathy forests on a variety of soils.

This genus is also referred to as 'doubletail', widespread but easily missed due to its short flowering season - usually about two weeks.

Pollination is mainly by small bees but syrphiid flies and beetles may also be pollinators.

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