Tall Wasp Orchid (Chiloglottis trilabra)

Flowers in late Summer to Early Winter (Jan - Jul), favours heathy woodland with loam or clay-loam soils, often found in foothill or montane forests.

The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 3 inches (7.5cm).  The distinguishing feature from the C reflexa is the major stalked callus being more in line with the calli mass.

It is pollinated by the male thynnine wasp which attempts to mate with the insect-like lip.

Prawn Greenhood (Crangonorchis pedoglossa - formerly Pterostylis pedoglossa)

Flowers in Autumn (Mar - July), favours coastal heathland in sandy soil.

The flower (left) was found beneath the low growing under-story which made it difficult to find (typical of the species).  It was approx 10cm tall with the flower being no more than 1.5cm in length.  It was at the end of its flowering season and so the usual long filament of the dorsal sepal was withered.

Flowering plants display no basal rosette.

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