Wimmera Spider Orchid (Arachnorchis lowanensis - formerly Caladenia lowanensis)

Flowers in Spring (Sept - Oct), known only from Kiata in the Little Desert, favours red-brown sandy-loam soil.

This is a clubbed spider orchid, moderate - sized and has a varyable, heavily marked labellum.

Pollination of the Arachnorchis species has been studied very little but it is thought that spider orchids are generally pollinated by pseudocopulation (male thynnid wasp).

Blotched Diuris (Diuris sp aff dendrobioides)

Flowers in Spring (Oct - Nov), favours remnant grasslands confined to area near Bairnsdale, Victoria.

This orchid is becoming endangered due to loss of habitat.  It grows with Diuris punctata but has blotched, lighter coloured flowers.

Pollination is mainly by small bees but syrphiid flies and beetles may also be pollinators.

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