Stately Helmet Orchid (Corysanthes diemenica - formerly Corybas diemenicus)

Flowers in Winter (Jun - Sep), favours moist sheltered sites in open, sclerophyll and rainforest.

The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of .75 inches (1.5cm).  This small orchid often forms large colonies, especially coastal.  Also known as 'Stately Helmet-orchid'.

Little is known about pollinators but there is some evidence that fungus gnats are pollen vectors.

Large Gnat Orchid (Cyrtostylis robusta)

Flowers in Winter (Jun - Aug), favours coastal scrubs and heathland but also grows inland, in well drained soil.

Grows in dense colonies when conditions are suitable but not all will produce flowers.  Can grow 20cm tall but flower is only about 1.5 cm long.  Ruler photo shows a smaller plant which is about 6cm tall.  Leaves are green while the C reniformis has gray/green leaves.

Pollination is poorly studied but it is thought to be pollinated by tiny flies.

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