My home is in Victoria, Australia.  I live here with my husband, Ron, and have done so since November 1994.  When we purchased our new property, on which to build our home, we decided to give it a name - hence 'Banjorah' came into existence.

The Brisbane Ranges (a favourite walking venue) is reputed to have one of the largest healthy Koala populations in Australia.  The origin of the name Koala is somewhat of a mystery and banjorah is one among the many Aboriginal names (highly dependant on the local dialects).


      Victoria, Australia

Our little part of Australia is host to a number of echidnas as well.  These little animals are great diggers and have been known to uproot very rare plants, including orchids, while in search for their food (ants, termites and other ground dwelling insects).  The echidna is a shy animal and will bury itself in dirt if disturbed.  Sometimes being very still provides a photo opportunity like this one.