In recent times, there has been an increased amount of investigation into the interaction between orchids and pollinators.

Apart from anything else, even an amateur can accept the concept that the orchid's main purpose of attracting a pollinator is to facilitate pollination.  The more there are - the more likely the species will continue.

Also an accepted fact is that the main purpose of the male insect finding the female insect is procreation.

These two concepts can be melded together to create a very intriguing situation - the orchid tricks the insect by providing nectar, mimicking a pollen producing non-orchid flower or deceiving the male by emitting an odour similar to a female insect's pheromone.

Sadly, there may not be a treat but most certainly there is a trick.  Of course, it is up to the male insect to get it right (most of the time).

The following pages will present you with some facts, some concepts and some pure speculation. 

With the advent of digital photography and the ability to take multiple photos of good quality (without the risk of having to get a bank loan to print them), I am sure that there will be more of the first and less of the last two.


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