Small Duck Orchid (Paracaleana minor - formerly Caleana minor)

Flowers in Spring/Summer (Oct - Jan), favours woodland, heathy forests in well drained soils.  Often found in sandy, white pebble type soils at base of trees.

The beak-like labellum is covered with dark purple shiny glands and snaps shut when touched. The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 6 inches (15cm). Widespread but often missed because of its size (flowers 1 to 2cm long).

Pollination is by the male sawfly.

Spurred Helmet Orchid (Corybas aconitiflorus)

Flowers in Autumn/Winter (Apr - Jul), favours moist sites in heathland and heathy forests often beneath bracken.

This small orchid can grow in colonies with low flower numbers. The photo ruler gives an indication of size with the height being less than an inch (2.4cm).  It has a folded labellum which usually fits beneath the dominant dorsal sepal.

Little is known about pollinators but there is some evidence that fungus gnats may be pollen vectors.

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