Fringed Sun Orchid (Thelymitra luteocilium)

Flowers in Spring (Sep - Oct), favours inland heathy woodland and grows with other sun orchids, especially T X chasmogama.

Pink flowered sun orchid with dense golden hairs on the column.  The photo ruler indicates the height of these particular plants - a total of 8 - 8.5 inches (20-22cm).

Believed to be pollinated by bees but if not, then the flowers will self pollinate.  Almost all species have flowers that open only on sunny days - hence the name of 'sun' orchid.

Red Beard Orchid (Calochilus paludosus)

Flowers in Spring (Oct - Dec), favours woodland, open forest and heathland in both dry and wet environments.

Widespread. Lacks eye-like glands and opens more readily on hot days.  Distinguishing feature is the long strap-like naked tail on the labellum.  The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 5.5 inches (14cm). 

Pollination has been studied very little but it is thought that the male wasp of the Scolidae family may be involved.  If all else fails, flowers will self-pollinate.

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