Heathland Sun Orchid (Thelymitra improcera)

Flowers in Spring/Summer (Oct - Nov), coastal damp sites in heath and heathy woodland

The plant is similar to T media but is shorter and has smaller flowers.  The column is identifiable because of its two projections at the base of the apex.

Believed to be pollinated by bees but if not, then the flowers will self pollinate.  Almost all species have flowers that open only on sunny days - hence the name of 'sun' orchid.

Lowland Bird Orchid (Chiloglottis sp. aff. valida)

Flowers in Spring (Sep - Nov), favours damp shaded areas in forest, woodland and beneath bracken ferns.

This flower is similar to C valida except for the generally more numerous calli on the labellum. There are large numbers but did not appear to colonize as thickly as the C valida.

Pollination is by pseudo-copulation, agents being male wasps.  Each species has its own unique pollinator species.

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