Rush-leaf Sun Orchid (Thelymitra juncifolia)

Flowers in Spring/Summer (Oct - Dec), favours damp coastal heathlands and heathy forests in well drained soils.

The flowers are light blue, petals and sepals have large spots and the column is not hooded but has finger-like glands (see photo to right).

Believed to be pollinated by bees but if not, then the flowers will self pollinate.  Almost all species have flowers that open only on sunny days - hence the name of 'sun' orchid.

Green-striped Greenhood (Bunochilus chlorogrammus - formerly Pterostylis chlorogramma)

Flowers in Winter/Spring (Jul - Sep), favours heathy and shrubby woodland in sandy loam soils.

Labellum is emerald green with a dark green basal mound and long dark green stripe.  The photo ruler indicates the height of this particular plant - a total of 10 inches (25.5cm).

All known pollinators of the Genus Bunochilus have been male insects of the fungus gnat and mosquito family.

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