Trees are extremely beneficial to your home. They improve curb appeal, lower road and wind noise, and lower cooling and heating bills. Unluckily, they will also need routine maintenance and pruning.  

Trimming a tree can be extremely hard. It can also be dangerous. Luckily, you can achieve a professional result if you know how to use the right tools and gear.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several tools that you’ll need for DIY tree trimming. If you want to remove a tree, you’ll need to hire a tree removal company since it isn’t a DIY job. 

Chainsaws, Pruning Saws, and Bow Saws 

Bow saws are effective hand saws. They can cut through branches quickly. You can purchase a bigger bow saw for quicker cutting. However, they’re difficult to utilize. Pruning saws are best for cases in which loppers aren’t enough and a bow saw is too big.  

Chainsaws are a suitable tool if you want to cut through a branch with more than a 3-inch diameter. Make sure you carefully pick the right size when choosing a chainsaw. Bigger models can easily cut through logs. However, they are heavy and difficult to use. 

Loppers and Pruning Shears 

When it comes to trees, you shouldn’t use hedge clippers. Instead, you will need pruning shears for cutting small branches and vines, fruits, and green vegetation. On the other hand, lopping shears are ideal if you want to create cuts to vines and branches that are around 1-inch in diameter.  

A couple of lopping shears have telescoping handles. This allows you to reach much further. One of the most crucial tools to have when it comes to trimming a tree is loppers. Thus, you should invest in a high-quality lopper.  

Pole Saws, Stepladders, and Ladders 

One of the biggest issues when pruning a tree is tending to branches that are hard to reach. One of the most suitable methods to reach lower branches is to use a stepladder. On the other hand, a fruit-picking ladder or an orchard ladder is the ideal method for reaching higher branches.  

Orchard ladders work as tripods. Thus, they are safe and more stable compared to regular ladders. If you don’t want to climb higher areas, you should consider using a pole saw. It’s a small chainsaw attached to an extremely long pole. You will need some practice to use this properly since they’re a bit heavy and unstable.  

Goggles, Gloves, and Hard Hats 

Hard hats, gloves, and safety glasses are also known as personal protective equipment. They protect from the threats associated with tree pruning. Safety glasses are a crucial and affordable way to protect your eyes from flying debris, such as wood particles and splinters.  

Gloves will help protect your hands from splinters and abrasions. Though cheap gloves work well, it is always ideal to invest in high-quality ones for better comfort and dexterity. Hard hats protect you from falling tools and branches. If you enter the work zone, you should always wear these protective gear to protect yourself from injuries.