Trim Greenhood (Taurantha concinna - formerly Pterostylis concinna)

Flowers in Winter (Jun - Sep), favours open forest, heathy woodland in a variety of soils from sandy to red clay-loam.

Forms extensive crowded colonies and flowers freely.  Very erect flower having notched labellum just visible above sinus.  Ruler photo indicates that this plant is 11cm tall with flower head being about 2cm total (including the sepal tips)

Pollinator uncertain but all known pollinators of the Genus Taurantha have been male insects of the fungus gnat and mosquito family.

Wax-lip Orchid (Glossodia major)

Flowers in Spring (Oct - Nov), favours open forest, heathy woodland often abundant in clayey soils.

One of the commonest and most conspicuous early spring orchids producing colourful floral displays.

Pollination has been studied very little but probably effected by bees and perhaps syrphiid flies.

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