Common Dragon Orchid (Drakonorchis barbarossa - formerly Caladenia barbarossa)

Flowers in Spring (Sep - Nov), favours variety of habitats but absent from high rainfall tall forests.  Flowers very small; labellum covered in hairs, sepals and petals often curled at tips.

Photographed 28/9/08 at Stirling Ranges and Frankland.

Detailed labellum photograph

Cossack Spider Orchid (Jonesiopsis dorrienii - formerly Caladenia dorrienii)

Flowers in Spring (Sep - Nov), favours Wandoo woodland among shrubs in well drained soil.  Flowers small; petals incurved and lateral sepals crossed causing it to look like Cossack dancers, hence its common name.  Listed as endangered.

Photographed 8/10//08 at Frankland.

Detailed labellum photograph

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