Western Bearded Greenhood (Plumatichilos barbatum - formerly Pterostylis barbata)

Flowers in Winter/Spring (Jul - Oct), favours wide range of habitats beneath understory in well drained soil.  Flowers medium large with sparse pale yellow hairs on labellum; lateral sepal pad is blackish and petals are purple-brown.

Photographed 4/9/08 near Dwellingup.

Detailed labellum photograph

Custard Orchid (Thelymitra villosa)

Flowers in Spring (Oct - Nov), favours winter-wet areas in open forest with sandy soils.  Flowers medium, yellow with heavy red-brown markings; leaf hairy, column with tuft of yellow glandular hairs.

Photographed 3/10/08 near Jerramungup.

Detailed column photograph

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